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Susan Whedbee, Psychotherapist

Individuals and couples throughout the New York City metropolitan area can experience meaningful improvements in their quality of life through professional therapy.  Therapy provides the tools to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Tailoring Therapy to Meet Your Needs

While people come to me for a wide variety of reasons, they tend to share a common objective—the desire to heal, grow and change their lives for the better. The process of change may be difficult as they may be experiencing diminished self-esteem, depression, anxiety, relationship problems or some other issue.

In my years in practice, I’ve learned to tailor the therapeutic approach depending on the unique qualities of each individual. I am trained in a variety of therapy techniques and thoughtfully evaluate which course of treatment would be the most effective for the issues you’re facing. I strive to be a source of encouragement and support when guiding you, so you can bring about positive changes in your life.

Helping You Address Any Type of Issue

As a therapist, I can help you work through a wide range of issues, including:


Your Path to Well-Being

The therapy services I offer to individuals as well as couples are comprehensive therapeutic approaches to manage and improve your life. Therapy can help you identify and change the patterns that block your path to reaching your personal and professional goals. A compassionate and caring atmosphere, where you feel safe to express yourself, can instill confidence, helping you process and overcome unwanted emotions such as fear, anger, intimidation and insecurity. Therapy can be a door to self-discovery as you begin to understand the issues that result in repetitive patterns and emotional responses that prevent healthy choices and relationships. It can also enhance your ability to connect with others. The relationship between physical heath and emotional well-being can be significant. For this reason, you may be interested in exploring an integrative approach to therapy. Striving for nutritional excellence can be a powerful tool that boosts your physical health which in turn positively impacts your emotional life. It is well understood that physical illness can have a direct relationship to our levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

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Professional Therapy and Counseling in New York City

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