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Our lives are inextricably linked to relationships, whether through romantic partnerships, family interactions, dealings with bosses or colleagues or involvement in friendships. When our relationships are going well, they can be an abundant source of comfort, joy, and richness in our lives. In contrast, when conflicts or disagreements arise, maintaining relationships can be a struggle, resulting in a sense of anger, loss and failure.

Types of Relationships I Can Help You with as a NYC Therapist

family-relationships People seeking counseling are often looking for solutions to problems involved with relationships, such as:

  • Romantic partnerships—Marriages, premarital relationships, dating relationships, and LGBT relationships.
  • Workplace or educational relationships—Colleagues, business partners, associates, supervisors, managers, business owners, bosses, teachers, professors and fellow students.
  • Family relations—Parents, children, siblings, in-laws, grandparents or other family members.
  • Friendships—Friends, companions, classmates and roommates.

Helping You Build, Maintain or Repair a Relationship

Through my role as a therapist, I can assist you at any stage of a relationship, whether you find yourself struggling to establish or maintain a connection, or you are grieving the loss of a meaningful and important relationship that has ended. Therapy can help you deal with all aspects of your relationship and many different types of conflicts. Conflicts often arise out of feelings of exploitation, power struggles, imbalance of commitment or breakdowns in communication. The impact of outside stressors can also play havoc with relationships by straining emotions and interfering with feelings of connection. Trust, open channels of communication, honesty and a strong bond form the foundation for sound relationships. We will work together to build, maintain or restore these qualities.


When working with a therapist, resolving issues in a relationship requires commitment from both parties to adequately address the problem. A willingness to see the situation from the other person’s perspective and accept responsibility for your emotions and actions can help break down negative patterns that hurt the relationship.

When you become my patient, I commit to using my experience, skill and knowledge to provide the treatment you need. I will be empathic, non-judgmental, respectful and will encourage and support you as you confront challenging or painful issues.

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Relationship Counseling and Therapy in New York City

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