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In psychotherapy, we explore and discuss patterns that are interfering with the achievement of your personal and/or professional goals. The objective of therapy is to help you progress towards living your life more fully, by increasing self-awareness, and utilizing tools to enhance the quality of your life.

Personalized Care

Since Susan considers everyone as a unique individual, she believes that there is no single approach that fits all.  The therapeutic relationship is dependent on a safe environment which fosters trust, comfort and ease to explore the underlying issues. Susan draws on her education and experience, so that her treatment approach can be tailored to the needs, goals and the emotional capacity of each individual.


Susan believes that people have the capacity to heal and to grow.   Her role is to enable that process. She acts as a source of support and encouragement while providing the necessary insight to facilitate a process that results ultimately in positive change.  Her patients find her treatment style warm, nonjudgmental, empathic and always respectful.

Susan Whedbee, LCSW, NCPsyA

Educational and Professional Experience

Susan Whedbee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. After graduate school, she completed a rigorous four-year psychoanalytic program, at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies where she received certification in Psychoanalysis and Comprehensive Psychotherapy. She also holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell. Susan has provided psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the public sector and in her New York City private practice throughout her professional career.

Subsequent to Susan Whedbee completing her psychoanalytic training at the National Institute for Psychotherapies and accruing years of  experience in  private practice, she successfully participated in a very selective process with the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis  resulting in her being recognized as a psychoanalyst on a national level.   As a result, she was awarded the added credential NCPsyA.

Before opening her private practice, her experience included:

  • The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services—She provided psychotherapy to children and adults as well as family therapy, couples and marriage counseling.
  • The Affect Disorder Team at the Payne Whitney Clinic at New York Presbyterian Hospital—In her role of treating severely depressed patients, she provided individual therapy in the acute stage of their illness.   She also provided therapy and psychoeducation to their families and spouses.
  • The Bridge—In her tenure at The Bridge, she treated individuals with chronic mental disabilities, some of which were related to substance abuse.
Susan Whedbee Therapist NYC

Psychotherapy and Counseling in New York City

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Susan’s Integrative Approach

Nutrition is often overlooked in the relationship between physical health and emotional well-being. Susan has spent years reviewing the research on the impact of nutrition on health and has consolidated the information after receiving a certificate from Cornell in Plant-Based Nutrition. For patients who are interested in taking an integrative approach, she is available to help you navigate the confusing literature on diets and health. She can assist you in attaining an understanding of the relevant scientific studies and suggest how to incorporate the appropriate nutritional changes into your lifestyle.

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