Depression Therapy in New York City

Everyone experiences fleeting moments or occasional days when they feel sad or depressed. However, therapy is appropriate when the depression is  longer lasting and of a more pervasive nature. When you experience an overwhelming lethargy that saps your energy, shuts down your desire to engage with the world or makes functioning in daily life difficult, you may be struggling with situational or clinical depression. Depression can arise due to life situations such as sudden loss of employment, health concerns or changes/issues in a relationship. Chemical imbalances in your body can also lead to depression.

Types of Depression


  • Clinical depression—acute forms of depression that may necessitate a combination of medication and therapy
  • Dysthymic depression—lower levels of depression where you can function, but you have a general feeling of unhappiness, of just going through the motions
  • Situational depression—depression tied to specific events or circumstances in your life, including the loss of a loved one, an unsatisfying job or career, a bad relationship or health issues

I help people from all walks of life address issues related to depression, including people who consider themselves sturdy, dynamic and successful in most areas.

Encouragement and Support During Therapy

It is important to work with a therapist who is strongly committed to helping you overcome the effects of depression. I strive to be a constant source of encouragement and support throughout your therapy. During therapy sessions, I work with you to develop a treatment plan that puts you on the road to emotional well-being and a more promising future. Through treatment, we strive to eliminate depression so you can reconnect with loved ones, regain confidence and restore your overall energy.

Strategy to Address Depression

As we work together, I can help you identify the source of your depression while providing coping mechanisms to better manage your mood. There may be more than one variable contributing to your depression and I will help you unpack them in treatment. The insight you gain will enable you to work through these issues and gain a new sense of empowerment.

Depression Therapy in New York City

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