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By drawing on various therapeutic approaches and providing you with tools, I strive to help you bolster your self-esteem, increase your ability to enjoy relationships and help you to forge ahead toward fulfilling your goals. Therapy offers individuals solutions for different types of challenges, including:

Breaking through Barriers

Individual therapy can help you address these concerns as well as a number of other problems. Helping individuals make constructive changes in their lives is what I do, on a daily basis.

In individual therapy, located in NYC, we work together to explore the patterns that keep you stuck or prevent you from moving forward in life. Breaking through barriers can help you restore self-confidence and develop your natural capacity to overcome life’s challenges.

What Can You Address in Therapy?

Have you found yourself in any of these situations?

  • Are you stuck in a situation that makes you feel anxious or depressed?
  • Are job demands making you feel helpless and overwhelmed?
  • Are you struggling to get back on your feet after a divorce or other significant change?
  • Do you find yourself repeating negative patterns that cause distress?
  • Do you spend sleepless nights because the same worries play over and over in your mind?

Learn More About How I Can Help

In psychotherapy, we address the issues that concern you. Women may have concerns related to pregnancy, infertility, PMS, menopause, aging, weight change or juggling career and family. After spending years raising a family, they may have fears about re-entering the workplace or starting a new relationship. By comparison, men may have health related concerns, or experience stress related to their roles as fathers, husbands or breadwinners. Sometimes, individuals of either gender find themselves pursuing unworkable paths they may later come to regret, such as infidelity or substance abuse — these can lead to greater dissatisfaction and more overwhelming problems.

Every individual faces unique challenges in life. Helping you effectively address the issues that concern you is both a science and an art: a science of applying therapeutic techniques and an art of insightful care about you as a person.

If any of these situations I’ve described sound like familiar challenges, please consider pursuing individual therapy and find out how I can help. Contact our NYC Therapist office for individual counseling in New York.


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