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As a contemporary psychotherapist, I look at the whole person, i.e., mind, body and environmental influences that impact a person’s well-being. My integrative approach educates individuals on the role of nutrition for disease prevention and overall wellness. I believe health isn’t just the absence of some particular malady. It is characterized by a sense of emotional and physical well-being resulting in a healthier and happier life.

From an environmental perspective, one of the most beneficial actions that can be taken is to examine one’s basic diet since a healthy diet can actually be a treatment in itself. It is well documented that nutrition can have a profound impact on one’s state of health both physically and emotionally. My role is that of an educator to provide the data that you need to make an informed decision.


Nutritional Balance and Emotional Health Go Hand in Hand

The beverages you consume, processed foods you eat and supplements you take can create nutritional imbalances that eventually take their toll on your physical health, and subsequently, your emotional well-being. Studies have shown that poor nutrition can increase the risk of developing degenerative diseases, including cognitive decline. Poor physical health goes hand in hand with emotional upset which may include anxiety or nervousness, lethargy or feelings of depression. Prevention is key and within your control. If a diet is lacking basic nutrients, it will be more of a challenge to feel better without taking pharmaceuticals. Good nutrition should provide for an overall balanced approach to health. A vitamin or supplement as a component to address a symptom does not represent the same kind of balanced approach as does well thought out nutrition. We now know that laboratories cannot replicate in a capsule the benefits of the nutrients in food. We have also come to learn that nutrients work in synchrony with each other to support good health.

My Approach to Wellness

One of the foundations upon which I’ve built my practice is the belief in and commitment to the interrelationship between physical health and emotional well-being. Moreover, I educate my patients regarding scientific research that conveys the impact of diet on health and illustrates how food can actually improve and even heal health issues without taking supplements and pharmaceuticals that may have a number of side effects and only treat symptoms. I believe people should be empowered with information and facts to make informed decisions.

Nutritional information for individual needs

I’ve spent years reviewing the research on various diets and their nutritional benefits and hold a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. I’m available to help you review the scientific research so that you can develop a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different diet and nutritional options.

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