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Life situations can trigger fear or anxiety, which manifests physically when your heart beats a little faster or you break out in a cold sweat. Perhaps your throat tightens or you feel a knot in your stomach. Given a threatening situation, anyone can relate to these uncomfortable body sensations. However, there are instances where anxiety lingers for a prolonged period, despite the fact that known dangers no longer exist in your current environment. Under circumstances like these, professional therapy can help.

Types of Anxiety Issues


Anyone can experience anxiety, including people who consider themselves hardy and accomplished in most areas of life. Some common types of anxiety include:

  • Social anxiety—Fear of going out in public, going to social events or making speeches or presentations in public are examples of social anxiety
  • Generalized anxiety—Continuous worry, inability to relax, being easily startled, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and other symptoms indicate generalized anxiety
  • Specific anxieties or phobias—Examples include specific fears, such as a fear of germs, heights, enclosure in narrow spaces or being in open spaces, to name a few

Panic attacks are a form of severe anxiety where the individual experiences shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pains, a cold sweat, numbness in the hands or fingers, and an overall feeling of losing control. It can be helpful to understand that when you’re experiencing a panic attack, you aren’t on the brink of death or having a heart attack.

Anxiety Therapy in NYC

No one wants to experience an emotionally paralyzing fear. You may feel encouraged to know that therapy provides techniques for eliminating feelings of anxiety. When you’ve struggled with anxiety, the freedom to enjoy a happy and satisfying life again can bring tremendous relief. As a New York City therapist, I offer therapy for individuals that addresses a wide range of personal and professional challenges, including anxiety issues.

Overcoming Anxiety

There are a number of techniques used to address anxiety issues and I can assist individuals in relieving this problem. You may, however, not be aware of the triggers that are causing anxiety. In therapy, my role is to help you identify those triggers and their source to facilitate a process that results in change. If you have tried to manage or minimize anxiety on your own, but have been unsuccessful, I encourage you to find out how I can help you.

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